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How To Select Folders Of Windows 7 Just With Mouse Click

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Still there are lots of users of Windows 7 & Windows Vista. I already shared some tips on Windows 7. Today I’ll share a new tips about Windows 7 & Windows Vista.

If you want to know Windows 8 Shortcut key, you can check Popular Shortcut Keys Of Windows 8. We already know how to select lots of folders or files by selecting CTRL + mouse. But today I’ll share a new tips how to select single or more folders & files by Mouse Click only!
Here is the tips:

At first, open My Computer


windows 7 folder tips


From Organize, select Folder & Search Options.


windows 7 folder select tips


From VIEW ——- Go to downwards.


windows 7 folder select  tips


Tick mark Use Check Boxes To Select Items.

Click Apply & OK.

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Now go to any Drive, Folder, files, you’ll see a small blank box on every Drive, Folder, files. Just tick mark whom you want to select.
You can also follow the old style. Select CTRL key & with mouse select your desired files.

Mission Accomplished 🙂


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