How To See Bengali Writing In Google Chrome With Clear Font

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Written by Ahsanul Karim

Once Mozilla Firefox & Internet Explorer are the most popular browser among net users. But the time changed. Chrome is taking the authority from Mozilla & Internet Explorer. Now Google Chrome is the most popular browser among bloggers as well as other net users.


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But I see lots of users from Bangladesh or who love to browse net in Bengali sites in Chrome, they found terrible problem to see Bengali font in clear & visible way.

Today I’ll share a special tips for Bengali net users who find trouble to see Bengali sites.

Here is the solution.

At first open Chrome Settings bar (chrome://settings/).

Now write this in tab (chrome://settings/fonts).

Click Enter.

It will directly move to Font settings.

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google chrome bangla font


Go to downward. Look for Sans-serif font.

Change the font to ‘SolaimanLipi’ font or ‘SiyamRupali’ font. Or you can select any unicode font.

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Again, go to downwards.

From Encoding change to Unicode UTF-8.

Click OK.


Another thing after someday the Bengali font release update version. So it is good to update your Bengali font too.

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Hope your problem is solved.

Happy day 🙂


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