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  • Hi Ahsanul,

    A good informative post on securing our Google account!

    You pointed out correctly that Google has become increasingly important as we use majority of its services and they all are managed by one account. It is our responsibility to safeguard and protect this account and the two-factor authentication is really good. I use it and I use strong passwords too.

    Thanks for the useful information. Have a nice day ahead 🙂

  • I have used strong password and i think thisis the single most important thing. Anything you can recover with Google mail but once it is lost, you lost everything. I also used two step verification.

  • Using a strong password combined with two factor authentication is about the best way to keep your password secure. You can also try changing up your password every couple of months as well.

  • Gmail is by far the best when it comes to security as compared to other service providers like yahoo, hotmail etc. Google has the best protocols and security system. But if the users will use easily accessible passwords then I suppose its not the companies fault. The attacks would certainly come time and again because its the best one in the business and its a matter of pride for hackers to take down such a giant. So, its responsibility of the users too to put on strong passwords and not use it for all the accounts.

    Great article to read once again, I had no idea about the repetitive attacks that has happened in the past. Keep posting.

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