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How To Save MS Word File In PDF Format With Password

Written by Ahsanul Karim

MS Word is the popular writing & editing software. In the previous version before MS Word 2013, there is no option to save in PDF format. But now you can do it easily.


If you want to publish a book in PDF format, just compose in MS Word format & save it PDF Format. Now it is so easy to execute.

Again, if you are a blogger & you want to publish some blogging tips by PDF format in your site, you can also follow this article.

At first open MS Word 2013. Now write the content you want to save or convert in PDF format.  You can also check Microsoft Word Shortcut Key.

Now click FILE.


"save as"




Set the Location.


If you don’t know how to open docx file in old MS Word, check How To Open DOCX File


"pdf format"


Now change Save As Type.

Select PDF.

Go to downwards.

Click Options.

You can also check How To Save Wikipedia Article In PDF Format


"encrypt "


Click Encrypt The Document With A Password.


"encrypt with password"


Now enter Password twice.

Click OK.

Remember: Password must be between 6-32 characters.


I already created this article in MS Word then saved as PDF format, Check here.


Mission Accomplished 🙂


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