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How to Recover Formatted Data From Android Phone Memory

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Now days cell phones becomes basic need of people, there are nearly as many smart-phone subscriptions as there are people in this world. People uses their smart phones all the time whether they are having dinner or attending business meeting. Having a cell phone means you can keep lots of important documents, pictures, etc. things in one pocket size gadget. With cell phone we always connected with our loved ones. But what if this electronic gadget gets damage and we lose our important data forever.

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Cellphone is an Electronic Gadget and it can easily get damage, because of its sensitive nature. People lose their important data. Now let’s discuss what causes android phone data loss issue.

There are various reasons which make cell phone unworkable and user’s faces android phone data loss issue.User can lose their data because of logical damage or physical damage.

If you have lost your data because of logical issue then there is 100% chance for data recovery but there is very less chances for data recovery when you lost your data because of physical damage. Now question arises that what is logical damage and how we can recover data after logical corruption.

Logical damage includes virus attack, accidental deletion, formatting phone internal memory, file system corruption etc. In case phone gets fail because of physical error like broken, burned then data become unrecoverable or you can get help from data recovery service providers.

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How to Prevent Android Phone Data Lose Issue:

  • Keep Your Phone in Case: Always take care of your phone by keeping it on phone case; it will help you to prevent from physical damage.
  • Think Twice Before Deleting Documents: Always beware while deleting anything from your cell phone. First check the document before deleting it from phones memory.
  • Take Backup: By taking backup of your significant files and folders you can easily save your data.

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How to Recover Data after Logical Damage like Formatted Android Phone Internal Memory:

In case you have lost significant data from your Android Phone and now want to recover it at any cost then using a professional tool will be a smart step. There are various android phone recovery tools available in market which provides lost data recovery service at free. Being android phone recovery expert I will suggest you Stellar Phoenix Data recovery for Android software which allows user to recover lost data from formatted android device at free.

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How to Use Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery For Android:

  • Download & install Android phone recovery software
  • Root your android phone by using any free rooting tool like “Kingo Root”
  • After completing Rooting Process you can easily begin scanning and lost android phone data recovery process.

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