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How To Increase Your Computer Speed

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Written by Ahsanul Karim

“Why is my Computer so slow?” this may be the first question that comes to your mind when you have a slow start up. Computers can be slow due to many reasons, maybe due to a virus attack. Viruses can run malicious programs in your computer and it will consume major processor power resulting in the reduction of your computer performance. Virus can be removed using anti-virus software and it is preferred to install the anti-virus soon after you install your windows. If your computer is totally virus free, then what makes your system run like a tortoise?

"beautiful laptop"


Your computer’s performance and speed can be increased by Optimization. Optimization software will clean your system and make it fast. During the running of our computers, it creates thousands of temporary files, cookies, web cache etc. During each software installation and uninstallation process changes are made in the registry. Errors in the registry results the performance of your Computer.


Here are a few tips to increase your Computer performance:

Cleaning your Temporary files :

Temporary files are created daily. If you don’t perform temporary file cleaning, the temp folder will accumulate more files and the size becomes large. Windows has its temporary folder in the C drive, where you install your operating system. If you don’t have enough space in your C drive, it will reduce your system speed. Run disk cleaning once in a week.

To do this you can use these software:

  • C Cleaner
  • Tweak now power pack
  • AVG PC tune up
  • Tune up Utilities


Defragment Your Hard Disk :

Just an example, if your books are in a different room and you’re going to school, you will take more time to get those books and finally you may miss your school bus. But if they’re properly placed in a single room, it will help you to get to those books faster. The same thing happens in your computer. If your files become fragmented, the processor needs more time to find it. Perform defragmentation once in a month; it will improve your system speed.

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Clean Registry Errors :

Registry is one of the most important part of a Windows operating system. Every registry add entries during installation .But some files will remain even after uninstallation. These turn into registry errors. It is good to clean registry errors frequently. Tweak now power pack, Tune up utilities can scan for registry errors. After scanning you will get two type of errors ‘ safe to delete’  and ‘unsafe to delete’ .Don’t delete unsafe errors .Those are very important and you  should keep them even it is an error .

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Remove Items From Start-up :

During start up some of software and auto updates start working and give you a slower start up. To get a faster start-up remove items from start-up except Antivirus, System drivers etc.

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RAM Optimization :

RAM is the second most important part of a system .It called as primary memory. Processor takes data from RAM (through caches – cache is a high speed RAM, modern systems have 3 caches,L1, L2,L3). Memory Diagnose will help RAM to work properly. It is good to perform Memory Diagnose once a month.


Above tips can be done manually or using software. There are many software available for Optimization.

These are some famous optimization tools available for Windows:

  • Tweak now power pack – freeware
  • AVG PC tune up – Demo ( Not free )
  • Tune up Utilities – 15 day free trail
  • System mechanic – Not free, but demo available
  • C cleaner – freeware to clean drives


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This article is written by Sibin Xavier. He is the founder of 7chip,a tech blog mainly focusing on Ubuntu and Windows. He invite you to join 7chip’s Facebook fan page.

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