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How To Increase Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Battery Life

Written by Ahsanul Karim

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 the market place of iPad 2 has fell down because Samsung galaxy grabs the title of lightest and thinnest tablet in the world. Tegra 2 T20 chipset, GeForce GPU and a powerful Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor make processing much faster in this Galaxy Tab 750. Android OS is always power hungry and latest processor configuration lower down the battery duration. Following are some technique with which we can save battery power.

: Here are Basic Tips to Save Battery Power :


The wi-fi connectivity is a better option for accessing internet sitting in home. But it is true that wi-fi requires more battery power than other apps. So, it is recommended that user must disconnect wi-fi connection after using it because ideal wi-fi connection unnecessarily wastes the battery.

Bluetooth should also be turn off after use, it also unnecessarily consumes battery power.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Battery Life


Google map is one of the emerging technologies for navigation. One can easily find things on the map of world with the help of Samsung’s inbuilt Google Map. But this app require continue GPS signal from satellites. As a result the receiver needs lots of power supply to receive signals and process it. Hence, keeping satellite button in layers option unchecked when we don’t require knowing our precise position helps us in saving battery power. In addition, switching off auto location feature also saves battery power because of its auto updating feature. It is better to use it manually.



Android operating system is well known for its versatile and tremendous number of apps. With increase in number of apps battery power also get consumed, results in lowering down battery power. However, we can stop unwanted wastage of battery power. Many apps use GPRS networks for their update. So, it is recommended that turn off auto update feature instead update it manually. Secondly, many applications run in background results in unnecessary wastage of battery power. We can avoid this by time to time closing unwanted apps.

Tethering App

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Sync function:

Sync function is very useful asset given in Galaxy tablet. We can synchronize our contacts and other details using this app. However, sync function requires more battery power hence reduces battery life. Although, using sync function once in a week is recommended to save battery power.


Some other tips:

Auto rotation of screen must be turned off in order to save battery power. Rotation uses accelerometer which consumes power.

Background applications can be controlled using manage applications setting under application settings. This will save battery power and we can use tablet for longer time.

If light is enough to capture photo then turned off LED Flash Light, it will help in reducing power consumption.



Samsung galaxy 750 tablet is an ultimate tablet build by Korean company Samsung. The tablet uses battery of Li-Po 7000 mAh specification with 9 hours talk time support. So, using above smart techniques we can definitely reduces power consumption and increase our battery life.


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