How To Increase Laptop Battery Performance

"beautiful laptop"
Written by Ahsanul Karim

Laptop is part & parcel now for most of bloggers. The main part of laptop is battery. Many laptop users said, “In the 1st 6 months battery gives backup 4-5 hours but then it decreases to 3-4 hours.” The reason is that most of us don’t take proper care of Laptop & its battery. We should remember that battery gives backup on the performance of laptop.

"beautiful laptop"

Here are some tips which will help you in increase long life of laptop battery:


  • Always try to minimize the brightness of LCD monitor. You can do it from Windows Control Panel.
  • Don’t use any extra icon pack. Although extra icon pack makes desktop more colorful, it reduces performance. It is better to use regular icon.
  • Don’t put any CD/DVD in DVD-ROM drive when it is no use. Because if you don’t play DVD but it is inserted in ROM Laptop still takes some power from battery.
  • When battery charge reduces, avoid using USB drive for example, pen drive, external hard disc, memory card reader, digital camera. If you use these, it will affect battery power more.
  • If you add ipod or smart phone in Laptop through data cable, these products automatically take charge from laptop. So when your battery charge is low, avoid using these products.
  • Avoid using internet when laptop battery charge is too low.
  • Stop all auto startup program.
  • Battery charge depends on laptop’s warming. As more laptop warms, as more laptop battery charge decreases. So always check laptop cooling system. Regular clean “Air Vent.” Always clean Air Vent when Laptop is in shut down position. During cleaning don’t start laptop.


These are some basic tips. I hope if you follow these tips, you shall get full performance from Laptop.


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  • Nice tips.. I think you have to mention one more thing. Try to minimize charging of lap top while it is using. Most of the people having this habit of charging their lap top and using at the same time for the entire day.

  • grt piece of info bro. nice one this will surely help to save my lappy battery life. and love ur site logo. and if you are a angry birds lover then must see Angry Birds Space latest game post.

  • I recently purchase a mini laptop online and I adore the reliability of this small gadget despite of its size and this corner offered us important tips to keep in mind.

  • I used to put pen drive when my laptop battery is low, I think I have to avoid it here on thanks for the great tips Ahsanul

  • I usually just pull the battery while wearing them at home. This becomes quite interesting additional

  • great basic tips, i seem to be doing everthing wrong and will have to change my ways, it’s no wonder my battery life is low

  • Love these tips,I would like to thank you for the efforts that you have made in writing this article.This is exactly what I need,Thanks a lot.Keep blogging.

  • Ya these are basic but very effective ways to get extra battery backup and mainly increase our laptop services .I am completely agree with your all the points and we get a lot of information from this blog. Thanks for sharing this blog

  • Hi! I think it is important to keep in mind that when we minimize the brightness, I think we should only do that up to the level where we we can tolerate it. It will be completely bad to our eyes if we minimize it to 0 yet we can’t see well. 🙂

  • Thanks for the tips for maximizing life a laptop battery, the 8 tips you have mentioned above is really helpful.

  • One of the best tips to increase battery life of a laptop, stopping all the auto startup apps can really increase battery life. Thanks for the tips Ahsan 🙂

  • Thanks you so much for sharing all of these practical tips and tricks.
    Very helpful to me.

  • Another great post, i’m probably the worst when it comes to looking after my laptops battery maybe thats why i’m always having to use it plugged into the mains, not very portable though.

  • I remember when I first bought laptop, the battery always get used up too fast until I started to apply these tips that I found on the Internet. It is sad these things are not in the manual books. Since nowadays many people are opting for laptop as their first PC, these tips must be exposed to them…

  • I am really interested to know how to increase laptop battery performance. It seems that many people are having problem with this laptop battery nowadays. I think that this information could be of good help to me and many people.

  • Hey thank you so much for the tips. This post will solve my problem as I always got the problem of battery backup.

  • Nice guide. Some of these technique can also be used in tablets or android phones to prolong the battery life.

    It’s okay to use your laptop while charging it. It charges to 100% anyway. Just make sure you are using original batteries and chargers.

  • Hi Ahsan! Great article.
    I use my laptop a lot. It’s almost glued to my fingers. And keeping your laptops battery life and maximizing it can be challenging.
    When mobile I rely on my laptops battery but when at home or office I just plug it to save energy.
    Does it lessen the battery’s life?

  • That was a very detailed info when taking care and increases the laptop battery performance. I purchased a new laptop battery because my old one was damaged. Now I know where did I go wrong. I know how to manage it well next time. (^_^)

  • Awesome tips, When i bought my laptop (almost a year ago) my battery timings was 2-3 hours but now maximum 1.5 hour. letme apply them and let’s see the result _ Thanks for posting

  • Standby is murder on batteries. Definitely hibernate or shutdown. Then again i dont want to use my laptop differently then intended. Suck it up and buy a new battery when yours hits the wall. With “NetBooks” getting so cheap i think i will just buy a new netbook everytime my battery starts to fail.

  • Thanks for the list of tips. My lenovo laptop gets hot for just a few minutes of using it and it just shut down by itself when its too warm already. I wanted to regret buying it but the 4 years in service to me is already admiring. I will apply your tips on my new toshiba laptop.

  • I tried a lot of ways but my laptop battery already gave up and my new one is really good a Toshiba brand and I hope battery last 6 hours.

  • Most of the tips are concerned about giving longer life for battery to last hours, but what really is at stake with the battery’s durability is the warming, and how critical air vent actually is but is ironically less observed.

  • These are ways to lengthen battery life not just for a certain moment but also for years of good maintenance so we wouldn’t have to buy batteries twice a year for it. A routine like this needs your complete attention if you want to successfully carry out each tip.

  • I have a bad habit of leaving my ipod hooked up to my laptop whether the laptop is plugged in or not, but after reading this I am going to make some effort to avoid that from now on.

    Thanks for the post.

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