How To Increase Laptop Battery Performance

"beautiful laptop"
Written by Ahsanul Karim

Laptop is part & parcel now for most of bloggers. The main part of laptop is battery. Many laptop users said, “In the 1st 6 months battery gives backup 4-5 hours but then it decreases to 3-4 hours.” The reason is that most of us don’t take proper care of Laptop & its battery. We should remember that battery gives backup on the performance of laptop.

"beautiful laptop"

Here are some tips which will help you in increase long life of laptop battery:


  • Always try to minimize the brightness of LCD monitor. You can do it from Windows Control Panel.
  • Don’t use any extra icon pack. Although extra icon pack makes desktop more colorful, it reduces performance. It is better to use regular icon.
  • Don’t put any CD/DVD in DVD-ROM drive when it is no use. Because if you don’t play DVD but it is inserted in ROM Laptop still takes some power from battery.
  • When battery charge reduces, avoid using USB drive for example, pen drive, external hard disc, memory card reader, digital camera. If you use these, it will affect battery power more.
  • If you add ipod or smart phone in Laptop through data cable, these products automatically take charge from laptop. So when your battery charge is low, avoid using these products.
  • Avoid using internet when laptop battery charge is too low.
  • Stop all auto startup program.
  • Battery charge depends on laptop’s warming. As more laptop warms, as more laptop battery charge decreases. So always check laptop cooling system. Regular clean “Air Vent.” Always clean Air Vent when Laptop is in shut down position. During cleaning don’t start laptop.


These are some basic tips. I hope if you follow these tips, you shall get full performance from Laptop.


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