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How To Edit Photos With Photoscape

Written by Ahsanul Karim

A big part of writing and blogging is illustrating. The average online reader can cover millions of miles within minutes, maybe even seconds, so if you want to grab that reader’s attention before they move on, you must have attractive and attention grabbing content. Fantastic and eye catching photos are an excellent way to keep their attention but it seems that everyone is competing with their own content and photos.

How can you make yours just a little more spectacular than the next guy?


There are many free photo editing services offered online and here is a popular photo editing tool – Photoscape

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Photoscape features:

  • It downloads in seconds, really!
  • Comes with 21 templates for collages which can be created framed or unframed, rounded or sharp and framed in multi-colors. By the way, you can open the color spectrum and add personal color choices. Save them for future use.
  • Allows repositioning pictures in the collage before setting and saving.
  • Offers all the editing features provided for single photos and resizing.
  • Will grab your photos from anywhere on or in your computer.
  • Saves your pictures with excellent quality to be reused with the name you assign them.
  • Red-eye removal.
  • Contrast editing, blooming, color balance, color adjustment.
  • Supports RAW, JPEG, and PNG.
  • Capability of creating animated GIFs.
  • Custom frames in a multitude of colors and styles, such as oval, circle, heart, square, rectangular and so forth.
  • Crop and blow up pictures for fantastic macros.
  • Create folders and slide shows.
  • Embed words, quotes, poems and or your name in a variety of colors and fonts and position anywhere you want on your photo.
  • Create a beautiful reflection on your photo for stunning results.

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Let’s edit a picture

Open your viewer

You will find it on the second tab from the left across the tool bar.  Open your picture source by selecting it from the drop down on the upper left hand side. The window directly below the drop down will fill with photo tiles.


Now click on the next tab across the top tool bar; the “Editor”

Grab and drag the photo you would like to edit. Place it in the screen to the right. Directly below your photo editing screen you will find your editing toolbar. Four tabs sit below the screen; “Home”, “Object” “Crop” and “Tools”. In the lower right hand corner you will find two tools you will probably use consistently: “Undo” and “Save”. These tools are easy to use and to familiar yourself with and you might find others which you’ll become fond of also.

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But for now the basics are:

  1. Home – Here you will correct the brightness, lighten or darken your picture using “Bright and color”. “Resize” is useful when size is an issue for avatars or memes, “Auto Level” works similarly to enhance, “Backlight” lightens the background to make your subject pop, and in the home screen – the frames offer a variety of styles and colors, even heart shaped. Frames can be paper thin or extra wide. Under the “Filter” tab you will find the reflection feature referred to earlier and several others. Play with these. See what they do and if you do not like them, you always have the Undo.
  2. 2.       Object – Click on the “T”. T is for text. Select your color and font choices. Make your words discreet or flamboyant. Play with the text box. Once you have it where you want it, click and it will stay where you placed it.
  3. 3.      Crop – This is one of the most useful tools imaginable. If you have ever taken a picture and uploaded it to find an eyesore in the corner, you know how wonderful it is to be able to cut it out. Play with this feature and you can make fantastic macros and blow up photos of your favorite subjects. Try them round and oval too. A color frame will make your subject stand out if you chose a complimentary color.
  4. 4.      Tools – Here you can correct red eye or remove moles, and take time to play with some of the other features here.
  5. 5.      Now if you are satisfied – Save.  Photos can be edited and re-edited if you save it somewhere other than where you downloaded it from.

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