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Written by Ahsanul Karim

Facebook is the best social network. It’s like our day to day routine work. Without it, we can’t live! Am I wrong? We also know that a special Web Browser – RockMelt launched to browse Facebook in a easy way.  It helps you to connect 24 hours in social network for example, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc



I think Facebook has the power to dominate all classes like kids, young, old person, bloggers, freelancers etc. Facebook also helps to improve online marketing through Facebook Page & Facebook Groups.  In Facebook, we regularly see lots of videos, images shared by our friends, relatives etc.

Have you ever find problem downloading Facebook video? Yes.. Facebook has no official download button as YouTube. Sometimes after seeing a video we love to see it next time. But as it has no download option, we can’t save it. So how can you download Facebook Video? If you follow my post, you can easily download Facebook video without any obstacle.


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Here are some sites by which you can download any Facebook video easily:











You just need to visit any website. Then put Facebook video link in the blank box. After sometime, the video will start download automatically.

Save it & enjoy watching.

Ohh…. I forgot if you are frequent user of Facebook,  you can  check Facebook Shortcut Key to use Facebook in a quick way.


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