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How to Cut Your Mobile Data Usage

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Are you worried about how much data your smartphone is munching through every month? Do you keep on chomping right through your contract’s data limit?

It’s never been cheaper to use 3G broadband. Even when you’re travelling overseas, smart, thrifty providers like Mobi-data make it more affordable than ever before to use your smartphone’s connected capabilities and enjoy lots of lovely data. However, if you’re working to a very tight budget and need to keep within your contract’s limits, we have some helpful tips to ensure you keep an eye on just how much data you’re downloading…


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Keep an eye out for apps:

Apps may have more uses than you can shake a multifunctional stick at, but they’re also sneaky little data munches. Unbeknownst to you, dozens of mobile applications could be accessing the web, downloading updates and chewing through your data allowance as you read this. The best way to stay on top of this situation is to take control of your app management.

Take a look in your settings and open up the applications section. This will show you which apps are most active and which are using up your data. You should then be able to change your settings to control when they update and how much freedom they have to use up data automatically. Make sure you delete any you don’t use any more too.


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Stop ‘pushing’ email:


Getting emails the minute the hit your inbox and seeing what your pals have to say the second they comment on your latest Facebook update is all well and good, but if you’re looking to keep a lid on your data usage, it’s time to go cold turkey from instant updates.
Mobile services are described as being ‘pushed’ when you get real time updates like instant email notifications. Whether it’s knowing about a re-tweet the moment it happens or getting the latest spam email as soon as it arrives, these services constantly check your inbox and/or social media accounts so that they can bring you immediate updates. This takes up a lot of data and juice. Turn off pushed services and check them manually when you need them to conserve your data.


Use WiFi:

Whenever you’re in range of free, secure WiFi, make the most of it. If you’re using WiFi you’re not using your own data, giving you free access to all online services without burning through your mobile data allowance.


Forget where you are:

Geographic services are a big user and abuser of your mobile data. If you want to use less of your monthly allowance, turn off or limit your location services. These can include mapping services and social media apps which use your GPS settings. Turning off GPS altogether is a wise move – you can always turn it on again if you get lost!


My Data Manager Android app

Download a smart app:

There are lots of handy applications out there which will help you monitor, manage and reduce the amount of data you’re using. Yes you’ll have to expend some to download the app, but the pay off is well worth it. There are lots of options out there for all the different platforms but here is best app:

  • My Data Manager (Android) Free
    This is an older app than Onavo and doesn’t have all of the fluffy bells and whistles of its competitor. However, if you’re looking for something plain and simple which does the job – this is a great bet.


Author Bio:

Marshall Scott is a specialist in smartphone technology. He writes for Meet MobiData site, covering topics that focus on providing helpful hints and advice to those hoping to get more out of their mobile phones.


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