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How To Convert Windows 7 Control Panel To Windows XP

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Now a days most laptop has build in Windows 7 Operating System. But if you are familiar with Windows XP for a long time, it will be tough to adjust with Windows 7 at first. Today I’ll share a basic tips by which you can change the  default Windows 7 Control Panel settings to Windows XP control panel.

I already shared some Windows 7 basic tips.

Here is the process to Convert Windows 7 Control Panel To Windows XP.

From Start click Control Panel.

You’ll see default Windows 7 Control panel. Here all control systems are listed in category & sub-category. Its always tough to understand the desired device is available in which category.


"windows 7 control panel"


Lets help you to convert default Windows 7 Control panel to Windows XP Control Panel.

In the upper right side of Control Panel, written View by: Category.

Click it.

You’ll see 2 links:

Large icons

small icons

Click any of these.


"windows XP control panel"


Now you can enjoy Windows XP Control Panel in Windows 7 🙂

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  • Hey Ahsanul,

    On my desktop I have XP but on my laptop I have 7 which honest to God I hate. I don’t know why, maybe I’m just and old skool type of guy.
    The control panel is a bit confusing with the 7 as well.

    I’m switching ! 🙂
    thanks for the post!

    this baby is tweeted!

  • Good post! Good tips for changing Windows 7 to Windows XP. Now Windows 8 is coming out, hope to get some idea about that! Thank you!

  • Hi karim!
    i use window 7 on my laptop but the idea to convert window 7 control panel to window xp is good and interesting.i will try to use window 8 is coming so i hope you will share the knowledge among to us.

  • Thanks for the useful, easy to follow tutorial Ahsanul! 🙂

    I always get lost with the windows 7 control panel when switching from XP on my work computer!

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