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How To Change Your Geolocation By Google Chrome

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Written by Ahsanul Karim

You might know that often some websites require your location so that they could fetch more useful information in their databases. Such as if you’re looking into nearby Restaurants, and Hotels etc. So what if you want to change your location in a browser for some work. So here is a trick by which you can change your location that Google Chrome reads through your essentials.


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Source to get the Location:

Mostly websites and browsers get a rough idea or rather exact location with the help of IP address. And with HTML5, and Geo Location, they can now locate you on the globe more precisely. Some websites keep it private and rather ask you whether they should use your Location or not. While simply do not ask you.

So they can get a very exact and precise co-ordinates of your location. And if you are really upset with your privacy being getting leaked, you can change your location with this trick. So if you really feel uncomfortable with websites getting your location and all that stuff, do not worry , simple read on ūüėČ

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Change it Now:

So when you open mostly these websites, which are location aware the browser usually would ask you whether you want to share your location or not. If you’re uncomfortable you could always deny it, and leave the site. But with Chrome you could also change your location and put forward a fake location.


change geolocation with google chrome


In Chrome Web Browser go to Tools – developer Tools. Choose¬†the settings simply clicking in the lower right corner. Click Overrides. And yes fellows, now you can change¬†here Geolocation very easily. Enter any longitude and latitude you want to share with those websites. And they wouldn’t come to know whether it is fake or not and they would treat it as your real location ūüėČ

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This was a short Google fun trick, for those people who find it uncomfortable with sites fetching their locations. Hope you liked it and it helped ūüėČ


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Umpreet Singh is a 17 year old blogger. His blog is about tips and tricks and stuff like that. Recently he posted some Google fun tricks on his tech blog, Turtlers.


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