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How to Change Facebook Background Color

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Written by Ahsanul Karim


Facebook is the most popular social network. We already are using lots of apps to make Facebook more stylish & user friendly. Today I’ll share a small but special tips by which you can change Facebook text & Background color.

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To do this you need to have three things installed in your PC.

  • Greasemonkey
  • Facebook Script


At first install Greasemonkey addon.

Its size 167 kb.

Restart Mozilla.


Now install Facebook Color Changer script

After successful installation open your Facebook account.


Now go to Tools> Greasemonkey> Userscript Commands> Customise Facebook Colors.

You will now see two boxes with color panel. Select the color you want and click on Set button.

When you are changing color, you can see the change in Facebook page as preview.

Mission accomplished.




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    • Hi Osho,

      yes.. you right. At first we need to confirm how many people use the app. Then we can use it. Now a days Facebook account hacking is common. So we need to take precautions before hacked.

      Anyway thanks for your information 🙂

  • This seems interesting but in real, it does not work for others that are viewing our profile unless they have installed the script too. I think it’s good thing Facebook don’t give the user to modify the styles of their profile or else, it might turn out to be like MySpace and go agains Facebook’s own policy, which is too keep the social network in minimalistic style..

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