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How to Backup Android Contacts, Messages and WhatsApp chat to Google Drive

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Mobile phones have their own importance, it is a device that contains all sort of information whether it’s personal or business related. It consists of all important contacts, photos, work files, financial transactions, videos, music and much more, for all these things people are totally dependent on their mobile phones. Therefore it is very necessary to backup mobile device data. There are a number of misfortunes that may happen with the mobile phones that can easily vanish all important data from Android Phone.


Malware And Virus:

If users do not have anti virus application in their mobile phone, then some kind of viruses can easily take over the phone and can destroy all important data.


When Battery Is Low:

If user immediately needs to access any important document from their mobile phone but with no battery, user can not access that important document right away.


User Can Lose Mobile Device:

Due to any reason mobile phone can be misplaced or lost by the user. In such cases, the user can not get back their important data.

These are some reasons causes data loss from mobile phones, therefore, it is very important to backup mobile device data which includes all contacts, messages, images, documents, etc.

In order to make data safe from such damages, one can backup their entire phone data in different devices or in cloud storage. One can choose from these two options to backup their phone data.

However, cloud storage offers the user a better option to backup data. There are a number of Cloud storage services available in the market, a user can choose any of these services to the backup android phone, Windows phone, and iPhone data.

This article is discussing the methods to save Android phone Contacts, Messages, Call logs and WhatsApp chats in Google Drive.


Backup Android Phone Data To Google Drive:

 Before starting with the steps to backup Android Contacts in Google Drive, let’s consider the query of one Google Drive user:

“for so long I have been using Google Drive, However, I am still confused and can’t figure out how to add contacts, messages and call log from my android phone to Google drive to my contacts. Does anyone know the method to add contacts from android phone to Google Drive?”


The user can easily backup their android contacts, messages, call logs and any other data file to Google Drive. By saving data in Google drive, one can make all their data secure from any type of damages.

The user can also backup their android phone data in Google account, but this can be done with the help of Google Drive.

To backup android phone data in Google Drive, one can install Google Drive App from Google Play store.


To backup android contacts, messages and call logs, one can follow the below-given steps:

  • The user needs to connect their Android phone to Wi-Fi hotspot or open cellular.
  • Open Google Drive on Android phone. And log into the account.
  • The screen will appear as below screen shot:

google drive android app

  • Now user can click on + symbol that is present in bottom right corner
  • user will find below-given options

google drive

  • If the user wants to create a new folder, they can click on a Folder or if the user does not want to create a new folder, in such case they can upload existing folder in Google Drive.
  • With this method, one can backup the numerous things from android phone to Google Drive: Backup android contacts, backup android photos and videos, backup android call logs, backup android messages and much more.
  • When user will click upload option, they will see all folders and location of their mobile as shown below:

google drive app

With Google Drive app, one can also backup android WhatsApp chats. To use Google Drive for WhatsApp chat backup, the following things should be true:

  • User device must be synchronized with Google Drive.
  • Google Play Services must be installed (only available for Android 2.3.4 and later).
  • Google Drive account must have enough free space for storing the WhatsApp chat data.
  • To create a backup user’s android phone must have enough free space

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Now user can follow the below-mentioned steps to backup WhatsApp chat in Google Drive:

  • Tap on WhatsApp and open it
  • Go to menu and tap on Settings
  • Tap on Chats and go to Chat backup.
  • Go to Backup to Google Drive and tap on Back Up to do an immediate backup.
  • The user will get an alert to select a Google account that they will back up their chat history to. if a user does not have Google account in that case user can tap on Add account.
  • Tap on Backup over to choose the network you wish to use for backup. Please note that backing up over cellular may result in additional data charges.

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Backup is a very important practice that makes data safe from any type of damages. Whether it ‘s computer system or mobile phone, a user must perform a backup of their data. For backup, one can use device or cloud storage. However, cloud storage is a better option to store backup data, with this article, it is clear how easily one can backup android phone data in Google Drive which is cloud storage.


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