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How To Add Google Plus Page Badge In Website

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Written by Ahsanul Karim

I already shared how to make Google Plus page. You can make the page to publicize your website or any product you like. Google Plus Page is same like as Facebook page. It has a like button too. So anyone can join easily by clicking Google Plus Page Button.

Lets reveal the tips:

At first log in your Google Plus profile.

Click your page & open it.

On the left side, you’ll see Get started. Click it.

A congratulation page will open with some criteria

  • Start the conversation
  • Connect your website
  • Tell the world
  • Build your circles

Click Get the Badge on Connect your website

You’ll see 5 types of badge option :

  • Standard badge
  • Small
  • Small icon
  • Medium
  • Large

Choose any of these

Now go below & copy the html code & paste it in your website.

[pullquote]Add Me in Your Google + Circle[/pullquote]

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Mission accomplished

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