How To Add Favicon In WordPress Site With Plugin

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Written by Ahsanul Karim

What is Favicon?

It is a special icon to show identity. In a website, if we look right side of a browser, we see an icon which speaks about the site. It is called favicon.


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Today I’ll show you how to add favicon in a website through WordPress plugin. New bloggers find difficult to add favicon as they don’t know coding. But you can add it easily through plugin.

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favicon generator


How To Create Favicon Icon:

  • Now add the source image of the picture.
  • Click generate favicon.
  • You’ll get 2 types favicon – image & animation.
  • Save which you want to show in your website as favicon.

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all in one favicon plugin


Here is the tips how you add Favicon in your website:

  • Go to Dashboard>Plugins>Add New.
  • After installation, go to Dashboard>Settings>All in one Favicon.
  • Now click upload which type you want to add.


You’ll add here 4 types favicon:

  • ICO Frontend
  • GIF Fronted.
  • PNG Fronted.
  • Apple Touch Icon Fronted.

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Add in any of these & click Save Changes.

Now reload your website & see the desired favicon.

Mission accomplished 🙂


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