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High Tech Collection Kits Make Cord Blood Banking Possible for All

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Umbilical cord blood banking isn’t a popular new trend, but an established service with the potential to grow with the development of new collection kits providing everything necessary to preserve materials until they are safely logged at a storage facility. All the benefits of cord blood banking—previously limited—are now available to every family, even those intending to birth at home.

High Tech Collection Kits

What Makes New Collection Kits Unique?

In the past, doctors were unable to store cord blood for parents unless the hospitals where delivery occurred had the room. Most hospitals and clinics weren’t prepared unless they were near enough to big cities with existing cord storage facilities. Technology was needed to allow for portable storage.


One of the most important factors was temperature control, particularly in areas dealing with extreme heat and cold. The stem cells contained in umbilical cord blood can be used to cure many health problems your children, sadly, may experience during their lifetimes. This advantage is lost when temperatures are allowed to get too high or too low. New styles of collection kits, like those provided by FamilyCord, can provide up to 10 hours of climate regulation. This really is the most important feature available because if the blood is allowed to break down, it will be virtually useless in an emergency.

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Preserving the quantity and quality of stem cells present in cord blood also needed to be addressed, as problems had been cited with the use of a popular anti-coagulant, Herepin. In studies performed by the American Society of Hematology, it was found that units collected using Citric Phosphate with Dextrose Buffer (CPD) instead experienced significant improvements, with a 54 percent increase in CD34+ cells and a 29 percent boost in post-processed total nucleated cell count. Of the most popular products used for preserving cord blood, CPD is definitely the way to go.


In addition, the structural integrity of most new kits have also been improved upon. The earliest kits were basic cardboard boxes providing very little protection. Though bio-materials like blood units aren’t generally considered fragile, express shipping isn’t always handled with care. The fastest shipping isn’t perfect, and damages aren’t unheard of. Unfortunately, cord blood is a resource available for collection just once in a person’s lifetime. Consumers should keep an eye out for collection kits made to withstand wear and tear.


Cryogenics In Action:

Cryotechnology, in itself, is pretty amazing, offering people the chance to preserve all kinds of bio-material for later use. Cord blood can be used to treat cancer, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and many conditions your children may suffer from later in life. Sperm, eggs and human embryos frozen for decades can be thawed and regenerated too, and while the ability to do so remains a distant goal, hundreds of hopeful participants have had their whole bodies stored postmortem in liquid nitrogen, anxiously awaiting the day when technology jumps ahead again, removing the need for death entirely.

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Until then, we can take advantage of smaller advancements that allows us to fight serious disease using the most effective tools available. New cord blood collection kits allow us to do so by managing temperature, using proper preservation agents and use a redesigned container for withstanding the rough handling of express mail.


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