Happy New Year 2013 Google Doodle

Written by Ahsanul Karim

I already shared New Year’s Eve 2012 Doodle on the final day of 2012. In this New year’s Doodle 2013, Google welcome everyone in their homepage.


"New Year's Eve 2012 Google Doodle"


In the final doodle – New Year’s Eve 2012 Doodle there are combination of 35 doodles which we see in the last year 2012.

In New Year’s Eve 2012 doodle we see that in the table someone are preparing food, other design the room, kids are playing, some other is playing piano. By this doodle we understand that all are preparing for New Year’s eve party.


"new year 2013 google doodle"


But this latest Happy New Year 2013 Doodle, we see post party scene of 2013. I guess it is morning scene. Here room is clean, New year party ends, all guests left the place & hosts clean the whole room. There is calm & quiet in whole room after the long celebration.


We still see the letters of  Google are placed same like New Year’s Eve Doodle stand haphazardly. Mainly four standard Google colors are used here – Blue, Red, Yellow and Green.


"happy new year 2013"


Leave the tear, Hold the laugh,
Leave the pain, Think of joy,
Forget the fear, be joyous,
Bcoz its new year
A very Happy New Year 2013!!!

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