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Happy Birthday Facebook

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Hey guys, did you wish Facebook on its 10th Birthday? On 2004, 4 February Facebook launched by main admin Mark  Zuckerberg. Previously it is launched for Harvard University students & its name was The Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg And His Married Wife Priscilla Chan


Mainly to make interaction with Harvard University students Facebook launched. But now Facebook has 120 crore active users & its price $15,000 crore. From a statistics, more than one seventh people of whole world log in Facebook in a month. There are picture with content more than 1 trillion. Now Facebook is looking to arrange all data by Graph Search.

In this last 10 Years Facebook launched some popular features:

Facebook Enabled New News Feed: 

Now you can have attractive feed, classic style of sharing any post, have full view like an online newspaper.


Privacy Measures On Facebook Graph Search: 

New Facebook Graph search would not reveal your personal things, it will give you full security.


Manage Your Facebook Page With Facebook Page Manager Android App: 

You can update easily your Facebook Page with Facebook Pages Manager Android App. Facebook Pages Manager helps the admin to edit Facebook Page easily from smartphone.


Facebook Logo


Facebook Launch Promote Page Post feature: 

Through Promote Post service 600 people will see your post in 3 days for only $5. Through this service more people will know about your post.


Facebook Launched Subscribe Feature To Follow Updates From Non Friends: 

By this feature users can follow their favorite authors, personalities, journalists, artists, political figures, co-workers and read their public updates in your News Feed. This feature allows you to follow them, even if they are not your friends.


Avoid Unauthorized Facebook Tag: 

Facebook is constantly changing privacy policy. Today I’ll teach you how we can easily avoid seeing other friends the tagging content. Here is the solution.


So guys, what do you think of coming feature of Facebook? Share with us

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