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Google Trip – Your Travel Guide

Are you planning to visit near your place or other country? No more worry. Here is Google Trip for you. It makes your trip easier & comfortable.

Google Trips

Google Trips App helps to make your journey easier with detailed plan and organize your trips. It automatically gives you a map with suggestion what to see and do during half day or a full day, If you are confused what to see, you just tap the “magic wand” to see more nearby sights. Each tap of the wand gives you a fresh set of nearby attractive locations.

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You can find things according to your wish. Suppose you want to know what museums are within walking distance? Or find the best museum in Barcelona? Done. From cafes to parks to beaches, Google Trips shows you tons of attractive things near and far of your location. So you can find your next destination faster & easily.

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You can find travel details like reservations and confirmation numbers in one easy app – Google Trips. Google Trips simply gathers your travel details from Gmail, then organizes it automatically. The entire app is available offline, so you can see your info wherever you are. So before journey, you just need to download it.

google Trips Android App

So you can get suggestions based on what’s nearby. You can customize day plans, and your travel reservations from Gmail.


Advantage of Google Trips:

  1. You can see your flights, hotel, rental car, and restaurant bookings in one place without searching different sites.
  2. There are several hundred of the world’s top places. Google Trips compile the day plan. You can customize the plan on your interest and available time.
  3. You know the popular attraction near your place as well as other places. Suppose if you want to visit museum,, you’ll know the opening time closing time. You’ll see also reviews and ratings from other travelers.
  4. Google trip organized the whole trip into useful categories like Top Spots and Indoors or Outdoors. For many of the world’s top places, you’ll get local suggestions and travel tips for example, Bus ticket counter, Train station, Taxi service etc.
  5. Google trips has fully offline access. so you don’t need Internet & you have always have access to your info.


It’s a big world. So plan and organize your next trip in just minutes & explore it with Google Trips.

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