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Google Plus Launched Video Broadcast Service Hangouts On Air

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Written by Ahsanul Karim

Google Plus is already going popular day by day as Social Network. Google Plus launches new features regularly. Recently it is launched new service “Hangouts On Air.” Hangouts On Air is a live video Broadcast Service.

With Google+ Hangout Google+ user can video chat with other circle members, share files etc. You can use all these features with 9 members of your circle at the same time. Smart phone users also use this feature through mobile apps. (Read: How To Make Google plus Page)

"google plus"

Hangouts also research on its special feature – Hangouts On Air for a long time. It is a live broadcast service. At the beginning this service is not open to all. From this week this service is open to all. Previously with the Hangout service, one can share video with other members of circles only but can’t share with others who r not in circles or friends. But the new feature – Hangouts On Air has all these service. In Hangouts On Air anyone can join video conference. (Read: Google plus VS Facebook)


Here are all the features of Hangouts On Air:

  • Every video will be published in Hangouts On Air with unique name. It can be watched through Google Search. It will be available in Google + stream too.
  • All Hangouts On Air can be watched in Google plus profile, YouTube channel & other websites at the same time.
  • You can also live broadcast in meeting. You can share anything to world viewers through this service.  You can know how many people are watching & how many people are participating on live broadcast by on air broadcast panel.
  • When Hangouts broadcast live it automatically record & after that it uploads to YouTube channel automatically. It also shows in Google+ post. If anyone can’t participate in live broadcast, he can watch the recording video.


So have you started using this Hangouts feature –  Hangouts On Air ? Add your view on this new feature.


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