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  • Huh. I never did fully understand the usefulness of these kinds of services. If I have to use files on two places I would probably always carry them with me on a flash drive. I will not upload them to some service I have no control off. Probably this is just me being scared or something, but hey it my work files, all my time is spent on them, I want them here with me :),
    I guess this could be useful for bigger businesses in some situations, but still they can do some kind of internal network, why upload everything on the internet.
    And if the files are only rarely shared they can even not make a network and just quickly send them on Skype, they do not need to do email attaching and stuff.
    I don’t know. Probably these services are useful in some situations and I just can’t see that.

    • Hello Niki,

      I agree with some of your points. There is a rumor these online storage device break the privacy of users. Sometimes you need to share multiple files with other people. At that time, this storage service works best. Because in email service there is limited space for attachment. In yahoo messenger or Skype, you can send files when both are online. But in this online storage service any user can download files any time. No need to be online both users. Anyway, thanks for valuable thought 🙂

      • Yeah, I guess when you need to share with multiple people as you say and they are not online on skype and the files are big and the people are not from your office or something like that. When I think about it I am doing something like that, but since I am a webmaster I just upload to my hosting. But not everyone has one of course, so I understand now I guess :).

  • It is definitely going to be a great service. It has replaced my Dropbox service. I hope developers come ahead and provide some interesting third party plugins and services.

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