Google Doodle Celebrate Naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian’s Birthday

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I don’t think I have to explain what is Google Doodle. Doodle is the special type of logo which added in Google Search to remember any special occasion. On April 2nd, Google Doodle is decorated with various types of wildlife creatures for example, butterflies, caterpillars, lizard etc to commemorate birthday of naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian.


 Google Doodle Celebrate Naturalist Maria's birthday


Maria Sibylla Merian is born in Germany. She was born in April 2, 1647 & died in January 13, 1717.She was called a naturalist and scientific illustrator. Merian is also called a botanic artist. Merian also made research on insects, worked on live specimens, sometime made drawings showing insect metamorphosis (life stages of the insect – egg, larva, pupa, and adult).


merian  insect metamorphosis picture

source: wikipedia


At her time, it’s tough to work on insects & other wildlife creatures. Those who work on these are called  “beasts of the devil.” But she was not afraid of working on species. Her drawings of plants, frogs, snakes, spiders, iguanas, beetles are still collected today by amateurs all over the world & they are good resource for research.

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Maria Sibylla Merian wrote a book – Neues Blumenbuch (New book of flowers) appeared in three parts. Another book – Erucarum Ortus Alimentum et Paradoxa Metamorphosis, a brief collection of her work, was published by her daughter after her death.

Today Google Doodle celebrates Maria Sibylla Merian’s 366th birthday.

Happy Birthday from Techdesighn 🙂


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