Google Doodle Celebrate Munier Chowdhury 95th Birthday

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Today Google Doodle celebrates 95th birthday of one of the greatest Bangladeshi playwright, educator, linguist, literary critic, stage actor, and political activists Munier Chowdhury. He is regarded a pioneer of country’s modern Bangla drama. His renowned plays – Kabar (The Grave, 1952), Roktakto Prantor (The Bloody Meadow, 1959) etc. Chowdhury dedicated his whole life for the promotion of Bangla language, its national identity, and the fight against repression & oppression in all its forms.

munier chowdhury 95th birthday google doodle

Shaheed Munier Chowdhury was born on 27th November 1925 in Manikganj, British India (now known as Bangladesh). From his young age, he impressed his family with his precocious wit. After completion multiple master’s degrees in first class, he became a professor in the English and Bangla departments of Dhaka University in 1950.

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In 1952, Munier Chowdhury was imprisoned for his activism related to the Language Movement, an ultimately successful campaign to have Bangla recognized as one of Pakistan’s official languages. While detained he completed one of his greatest masterpieces works – Kabar— (ode to the struggles of the movement). Chowdhury wrote lots of short stories and plays while serving as a champion of nationalist and cultural causes.  Munier Chowdhury helped to design improved Bangla typewriter keyboard in the mid-’60s.

In 1980, the Bangladeshi government posthumously awarded Chowdhury the Independence Day Award—the nation’s highest state honor.

Happy birthday Munier Chowdhury and thank you for all of your work to uplift and preserve Bengali culture 😊


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