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Google Doodle Celebrate Independence Day of Bangladesh

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Google is the top ranked Search Engine among users. Google Search Engine regularly updates its logo which is called Doodle according to the day’s history worldwide. Today the 26th March is the historic day of Bangladesh. It is the 47th Independence Day of Bangladesh. To mark this day, Google Search Engine created a doodle remembering 47th Independence Day of Bangladesh.

bangladesh independence day 2017

If you carefully look at the doodle, you’ll see the doodle featuring with the national flag of Bangladesh in the center of Google logo. Here a girl is seen carrying national flag of Bangladesh. The Doodle logo is drawn under combination of red and green color, which are the main color of the national flag of Bangladesh.

bangladesh independence day 2017

Concept of Independence Day of Bangladesh 2017 Doodle:

The expert Doodlers and Bangladeshi Googlers chose two possible designs:

  • one highlighting the Oriental Magpie Robin (the national bird of Bangladesh)
  • Other featuring the national flag, which finally won the battle. The doodler team worked hard to get the right combination of.

The logo has been seen in the search box on the homepage of Google through worldwide. When you click the doodle you’ll get information on the Independence Day of Bangladesh.

Google first made a doodle in the honor of Bangladesh’s Independence Day in 2013, commemorating the 43rd Independence Day. Then we see the doodle to remember Independence Day in 2015 celebrate new Bangla New Year 1422 etc.

Google Doodle started its journey on 1998 to remember special day like holidays, events, anniversary, achievements, the lives of famous artists, pioneers, scientists.etc.

Every year, on 26th March, Independence and National Day of Bangladesh celebrates with due solemnity and festivity. This year, Bangladesh is celebrating 47th Independence and National Day. This day is regarded as public holiday. Generally, it celebrates Independence day with food, music, ceremony, parades, speeches, respecting the morning with a government-sponsored 31-gun salute as a memorial to fallen soldiers.

Happy Independence day..

Long live Bangladesh. ? 

So guys how you celebrate the day? Don’t forget to share 🙂

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