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Google Doodle Celebrate First Day of Bengali Calendar Pohela Boishakh 1424

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Today’s Google doodle celebrates Pohela Boishakh, the first day of the Bengali Calendar 1424. Pohela Boishakh is a lively cultural festival. The day observes with lots of colorful way.

Here Pohela means ‘first’ and Boishakh regards as the first month of the Bengali calendar. First day of Bengali New Year is public holiday in Bangladesh.

Pohela Boishakh 1424

Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great introduced the Bengali calendar in 1556 (Gregorian calendar) to make the collection of land tax easier in ‘Subah Bangla’, which is now known as Bangladesh. Emperor Akbar also wanted to collected taxes on a specific date every year. When the new Bangla year begins, all the accountants close their books on the previous year and start with a fresh diary.

On this first day in Bangladesh, it comes alive with colorful celebrations and parades. Cities and towns gather together to sing traditional songs for example, “Esho, he Boishakh”. People eat traditional Bengali food for example, Panta bhaat (a dish of rice soaked in water), Illish Maas (fried hilsa fish) etc. The main attraction on this day in the capital city of Dhaka is the large Mangal Shobhajatra procession. The streets fill up with a parade of huge masks and creatures, each marks with its own symbolism. Many people thinks it drives away evil spirits & gives courage and peace to the whole year.


Google Doodle Celebrate First Day of Bengali Calendar Pohela Boishakh 1424

The masks are often vibrant and imaginative representations of different popular animals & birds like tiger, elephant, owl etc. we also see this day doodle decorates their Google logo wth Pohela Boishakh & owl and tiger. On the first day of Bangla new year 1422, Google started to mark the day with glamour Doodle

New Year is not about changing the Dates but Direction;

It’s not about changing the Calendar but Commitment;

It’s not about changing the Actions but Attitude;

It’s not about changing the Fruit but Faith, Force and Focus!

May you Commit and Create the best New Year ever!

 Shubho Noboborsho! (Happy New Year!)

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