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Get Breaking News With Daily Star Android Apps

Written by Ahsanul Karim

The Daily Star launched in Bangladesh on January 14, 1991 as a daily English newspaper. Since than it starts getting popularity day by day. Recently The Daily Star launched Android apps – The Daily Star by which anyone can get update news.

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The Daily Star Android app brings all the latest contents from official The Daily Star website to your phone. Its size only 300+ kb. In this app, it gives priority to current news. In the first page, you’ll see breaking news. You just need to click in order to read details.

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The font oh this app is clear & visible. As the app is small, it loads faster. So from now on all android phone & tab users don’t need to wait dialy newspaper to read update or breaking news. When you heard any news, just log in The Daily Star app & read the whole scenario.

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"bangladesh android apps"


Information on The Daily Star Android App:

UPDATED: December 14, 2012



SIZE: 342k


Download: The Daily Star App

Official Link: The Daily Star 

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