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Four Reasons to Use an Electronic Date Stamp

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Traditionally, many businesses have needed a date stamp, but these stamps have had problems. The manual ink stamps are now a thing of the past. Electronic stamps have arrived, and there are four reasons to consider switching to their use.
Electronic Date Stamp


They’re simply more accurate:

Regardless of the particular use you have for a date stamp, inherently the date is important, or you wouldn’t need to use the stamp to begin with. However, it is far too easy for a person to forget to change the date before using it. Another issue is changing the day, but not the month, so all of the documents stamped are a month old even though they should have the current date. Electronic stamps can be programmed to automatically change the date. They can also be programmed to skip weekends. These stamps know what day it is, so there is never any human error.
The stamp can contain additional information:

Since these modern date stamps are both electronic and programmable, it is possible to add a specific message to the stamp. This can be helpful if it is a document sent to a customer such as an invoice. For internal use, it can contain the word rush if the document must be processed quickly.

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Modern date stamp devices are practical:

Many of the automated versions of the stamps of the past have been bulky electromechanical machines that were difficult to use for many documents. Because of their size, they have not been portable. The modern electronic date stamping machines are lightweight and small. In fact, most models on the market will fit into the average shirt pocket. They can be used by workers in the front office or in the shipping and receiving department. They are ideal for use by both small and large companies.

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They are clean and legible:

Unlike previous manual stamps, these stamps do not require an ink pad, so there is no mess involved like there is with inking a stamp pad. Old style manual stamps used rubber with ink that when pressed down on paper would sometimes create a date that was difficult to read. Electronic stamps always produce a crisp and easy to read date. There is never any controversy over reading the date stamped on a document.

These modern stamps can be purchased from several companies on the Internet. One example is the Time Clock Shop.


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