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Features Of Apple iPad Apps

Written by Ahsanul Karim

iPad has intrigued the users with the features and the types of apps it can run on. Apple Inc has surely gone an extra mile while producing the technology no other competitor has ever done so. The major hand behind the iPad technology is the creative thinking of the late Steve Jobs. Not only has he surprised the world, but has also been on top of the list of entrepreneurs and scientists. He has been on top of the list in introducing the smart technology of the iPhone.

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Not only his scientifically sharp and entrepreneurial mind worked in seconds but in every direction. He has given the world a surprising treat for living in the eta of technology and truly defined what actually technological interventions are. His work in the field of hardware, software and apps is extraordinary. No competitor has been able to compete and come up to the mark in the smart technology. Companies like Samsung, Motorola, HTC One S etc are trying hard, even Chinese companies are trying to make the touch phone iPhones, but in vain.

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Tablets by the different competitors are good with Android technology but not as good as the iOS systems by Apple Inc. Many apps have been introduced by Apple in the market for the use with an iPad, iPod, iPhone and even Mac.  However, this has been copied as well. Many companies are now working on the apps world for their gadgets as well. Still, the top apps are made by Apple Inc for its iOS devices.

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Top Apple Apps:

The top most apps made by Apple for its gadgets are as follows:

  • 1)      Quick Office Pro HD:  This is a support app by Microsoft for Apple Inc devices. Anyone can now create word documents and save them on iCloud or any other portable hard disk drive. The pro version is already installed in the devices and anyone who wants to avail the premium version can download the full Quick Office version in juts 14 dollars price.
  • 2)      Accounts: Accounts is another app that helps all those people who want to manage their banking accounts online. Now you do not need a paper check book nor any other way for banking transactions. Download this application and link it to your banking account. You can easily create recurrent payees, transfer online funds and do all the mobile banking with it as well.
  • 3)      Kindle: From the category of Books, Kindle is another app provided by Amazon. Those who love to read books online, do research and have a journal based reading habit, can download this app for free as well. Use it to download and read books and journals online as well as on your iPad or iPhone. This is an app suitable for Mac users as well.

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To look for more apps, you can directly log in to your iTunes account and then download your searched apps easily. Some have to be paid for so if you like the pro version, it is better to have them for free.


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