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Written by Ahsanul Karim

Facebook is the most popular social network. It already reached its peak & I think no one will able to touch it. It constantly changes its feature to maintain its popularity among users.


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From September 26 Facebook added a new feature – Status Edit Feature. I think its not new for Facebook users. We already saw this feature in comment section. After commenting if we want to change the comment, we just click EDIT then it will change immediately.

Facebook Status Edit Feature is also similar like that. After publishing the status, if you think you need to modify the status or edit wrong words you can do it now easily. Previously after publishing a status there is no option to edit. So you need to delete it or keep it.

It is currently works for Desktop users, Android Facebook app users. Soon iphone & ipad users will get this facility.

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Facebook status edit feature


This status edit feature is a challenge for Facebook authority. If anyone give a status then he will get lots of comment & like then again he may modify the status & add some bad words. But to avoid this problem like previous comment feature, it has also status edit log feature. It will show below the status how many times it modified or edited.

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To edit your status just click arrow mark right side of the status. Click Edit then modify the status. Simple as water!

Facebook authority say, all Facebook users will get this feature sooner or later. So just be patient who don’t get this feature yet.


So guys what do you think about Facebook Status Edit Feature?


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  • Hi Ahsanul,

    Yes, I’ve been reading about this new Facebook feature that have shown up recently and I think these are a good addition, and something most people need to make the required edits if at all required.

    Earlier also though they had such an option, but the way was a little complicated, or we had to delete the status and post it yet again. So, I’m glad the hassles will be lesser now.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Hello Harleena Singh,

      Nice to see you here after a long time. I also think Facebook has taken good step to launch Edit Feature. All Facebook users will be benefited from it

      Have a blessing week 🙂

  • This is really good features. Some times we done mistake in status and we have to delete status and update it again. Edit Feature is good for us. Facebook is total time waste. But this feature is time Saving 😀

  • Wow! this is some thing great and awesome feature, yes it was really difficult to change the status. But this could be very helpful.

  • Hello Ahsanul,

    I’ve already checked this feature and iam amazed to know about it. Now we can easily edit our status updates if it needs any changes.

    Day by day facebook is really releasing awesome features.


  • Hi Ahsanul,
    nice post really fb upgrade day by day and giving lots of service. new status facility save our time a lot.

  • Hello Ahsanul,
    today most popular website is facebook and I think that now it will be more interesting and interactive because of this feature of Status Edit that will be a good one.
    Thanks for sharing such a awaking article.

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