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Exim eWallet- Online Internet Banking Service of EXIM Bank

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited (EXIM Bank) is one of the reputed commercial banks in Bangladesh. It has excellent working environment as well as corporate culture. EXIM bank Limited has excellent job facility and career oriented support. Exim bank is in constantly pursuit of providing the benefits and career support for its personnel through scores of mechanisms it has invented. Recently EXIM Bank launched Exim eWallet through android device. Exim eWallet is the link of AISER-Internet Banking.



What is AISER-Internet Banking?

  • AISER is an internet banking system which allows EXIM BANK customers perform explicit banking under secured and easy environment.


What is the main features of EXIM AISER?

  • Real-time Balance Enquiry.
  • Real-time MTDR & Deposit Scheme Information.
  • Real-time Transaction Search & Statement Download, from the creation of the account.
  • Real-time Fund Transfer Between Own (Personal) Accounts Of EXIM Bank.
  • Real-time Fund Transfer To Other Beneficiary Accounts Of EXIM Bank.
  • Inter Bank (Other than EXIM Bank) Fund Transfer through BEFTN (Any Bank, Any Branch).
  • Credit Card Bill Payment.
  • Mobile Recharge, Any Operator, Any Time (In Bangladesh).
  • Customer’s Positive Pay Instruction.


What is the Procedure of User Registration for AISER?

Following steps must be abided for User Registration of AISER:

  • To apply for AISER registration, User must collect the Internet Banking User Application Form which is available in any branch of EXIM Bank, or can be downloaded from EXIM Bank website or AISER website.
  • After collecting the Form user must fill up the Form and then need to submit it to any Branch of EXIM Bank.
  • After successfully complete the approval procedure of the Application Form by the AISER Team.
  • There are two activation codes will be sent to the user registered Mobile number & email address respectively with a temporary numeric User ID.
  • When user has received these two activation codes with the temporary numeric User ID, they must go to the link User Activation of the AISER login page & follow the User Activation Procedure which is described in User manual or he/she can see the Video of User Activation Procedure which is linked in the instruction page of our AISER website.


EXIM eWallet

EXIM eWallet Registration Process:

  •  EXIM eWallet is presently an Android Mobile Application.
  • If you are an “ASIER” user, you can easily enjoy EXIM eWallet from “Google Playstore”.
  • Download the app from Google Playstore.
  • Give permissions for “SMS”, “Phone” and “Location”.
  • Go to “Register Device” in public menu.
  • Provide AISER Username, Password and Security PIN and Click “NEXT”
  • An SMS will come. If you give permission for SMS service you can grab the pin from SMS and click “Register”.
  • Then login to “AISER” and go to “Account Activity” menu and click “Apps Management” submenu.
  • Your cell phone information is shown here. Please activate the service clicking “Activate” Link. You may also deactivate anytime from the same menu.

Now you are registered to EXIM eWallet. Now please login to eWallet using AISER username and password


Features of EXIM eWallet:

**Balance Enquiry
**Mini Statement (Last 10 transactions)
**Fund Transfer between own accounts (within bank)
**Fund Transfer between other accounts (within bank)
**Fund Transfer between other bank accounts (BEFTN)
**Mobile Recharge (Any Operator, Anytime)
**Credit Card Bill (Local/Intl.) own bank
**Credit Card Bill through BEFTN
**Profile Information
**Account Activity
**Manage Accounts (Add or remove account)
**Manage Credit Cards

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So Be with EXIM Bank because we go together towards tomorrow.


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