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Written by Ahsanul Karim

When you have a site, after few days you’ll think what will be the price if you sell your site. No more guessing or thinking. Lets do it practical.

Visit Site Value Calculator site.

In the blank Check Domain box write your site URL.

Wait for a second.

Then see the magic.

Your site value will be shown instantly.

But how the site evaluation has done.

According to Site Value Calculator,

This value is represents the approximate value of the website entered. Of course, this value does NOT include the worth of the company behind the website but rather is an estimated value of the website itself. Some of these valuation factors include: PageRank, traffic, site index, backlinks, age of the domain, directory listings, and other items not shown in the summary above. In general, the older the domain name is, the more favorable a website tends to rank with search engines.


You can share your site value in any site by adding html code. Its simple. Just copy it & paste anyplace where you want to show.

According to Site Value Calculator, techdesighn estimated value only (see below). I thought it would be more than that(Read: Got Page Rank 1)

I have a old blog site – Then I checked it. But The estimated value of is: (see below)

So what are you waiting for? Evaluate your site & share your site value. I’ll be highly glad if you cross my site worth 🙂

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