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Essential Tips to Keep Your Machine Virus and Malware Free

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Viruses are malicious programs which can replicate by creating multiple copies of themselves and affect the applications installed on your computer, data files and also impact the normal functioning of your system. Hence it’s very important to keep your computer safeguarded from viruses by following certain security precautions.

You can make sure all your sensitive business data, critical files and applications are saved from threats of viruses and malware by following these simple tips.

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Keep your OS and Applications Updated with Security Patches:

Whether you are a Windows or Mac user, you should always keep your operating system updated with the latest security patches which can prevent attack by nasty viruses and other malware by closing the security holes in your machine. It’s better to turn on the Automatic Updates in your computer so that whenever there is new security update available online, it gets downloaded and installed automatically.

Similar to updating your operating system, you should also install security patches for all Applications that you have installed in your machine. For example, some applications like Macromedia Flash, Adobe Reader etc. are prone to attacks frequently. Hence you should install security updates for your applications as well to protect your machine from virus attacks.

Install antivirus software on your Machine:

You should install the best antivirus you can find, which has all the latest virus signatures to defend your machine from such attacks. Also you should schedule periodic scans of files in your hard drive and all installed applications to make sure it’s not affected. Also you should install regular updates of Antivirus software as new viruses get introduced on daily basis and your system needs to be secured from new threats. The antivirus software you install should offer protection against all types of malware, adware, Trojans, worms, viruses and cyber-threats. Also it should offer automatic protection by scheduling real-time scans based on any suspicious events.

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Installing a Powerful Firewall:

Every computer requires a good firewall which is an application that blocks other programs installed on the machine from making unsafe connections to the outside world. Also it keeps monitoring all the incoming connection requests and prevents unauthorized access to your system from outside. Firewalls have logging feature and can keep track of whatever events happened in your system. It alerts you in case of any suspicious activity when a worm or virus tries to connect with your machine and also prevents them from downloading any malicious software to your system.  It is explicitly useful to prevent Trojan horses which try to make outbound connections from your system and download malicious software which keeps replicating.


Handling E-Mails with Caution:

Another important tip to keep your machine free from viruses is exercising great caution with E-mails. You should never open e-mails from unknown senders or open attachments in mails which you can’t recognize. In many cases viruses spread through e-mail attachments and as soon as you open the attachment it gets downloaded into your system.

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Configuring Strict Privacy Settings in Internet Browsers:

You should be aware that whatever information you provide about you in websites while browsing can be used for identity theft and other fraudulent purposes. They can also use this to install malicious software in your system. Hence you adjust your browser’s privacy settings to make sure all information is encrypted and also don’t allow unauthentic websites to store cookies in your system. Also turn on pop-up blockers by default since some pop-up windows from harmful websites can contain malicious code or links which can download viruses into your system. Allow pop-ups only from trusted websites which you use regularly.

Avoid Using Free Hot-spots in Public Places:

When you are travelling along with your laptop, you tend to use free Wi-Fi connections in the public places like bus stations, shopping malls, hotels etc. In such cases the security of your machine is compromised since it’s easy for any attacker to snoop on websites you browse and steal your identities. Also they can use this information to attack your system and install malicious software like viruses and Trojans to steal confidential data from you. Hence try to avoid using free Wi-Fi hotspots in public places.

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