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Essential Things To Do Right After You Setup Windows 8

Written by Ahsanul Karim

So you got your computer sprinkled with Microsoft’s magic dust? Good! Although it is a bold move for a company that has had the reputation of taking old parts and painting it new, the ‘new’ is quite an improvement. But even a die hard Windows fan is going to experience vertigo with Windows 8’s interface.

Before you get used to your new operating system and before you get out of that love-hate relationship, here is a list of ‘things’ you can do.


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Chapter 1 – Genesis:

If you thought iCloud was cool, lo and behold, during the first run, you’d be asked if you want to sign-up using a Microsoft account. When you do, you get access to the company’s cloud, the SkyDrive. With this, you can sync your Windows 8 devices. You can also set up the email client by using your existing address now. If this setup process doesn’t interest you, choose the Express Setup option.

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The Maze awaits You:

It’s ‘Charms’! This is the interface that you’d be using the most – five icons that make your PC resemble a text based Play Station Portable. Although it is a great interface for tablets and phones, it works well with a cursor too. ‘Settings’ is where you need to head now and contextual settings for your applications can be tweaked here.

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"widows 8 start menu"

The Real New :

The new start screen is completely redesigned and it does not resemble anything close to older versions of Windows. It’s just colored tiles and you can drag and drop and rearrange them as you wish. With the inception of the new Metro interface, all applications downloaded from the company’s online store are going to run on a full screen mode. But one suggestion would be to run Internet Explorer in ‘Desktop Mode’. You can play around with the settings here and change the backdrop and colors as you wish. You can also trim the title size and reduce the size of those options that you think you’ll rarely use. If you don’t like the new Start screen, you can install third party apps to have the traditional interface.

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Selling Your Soul :

If you want the settings to reflect on the devices you’ve synced, you need to click on ‘Trust this PC’. This feature is absolutely great, especially if you are using SkyDrive. You can also check how to save data in SkyDrive.




 The Defaults:

Unlike previous versions, Windows 8 lets you set Metro style or Desktop Mode defaults. It’s nice to set photo viewers to Metro style and other applications like Media Player and Internet Explorer to Desktop Modes. You can always go back and change these settings by pressing the Windows key and ‘W’ together. You can also check popular Keyboard Shortcuts For Microsoft Windows 8

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Other Customization:

You’d want to turn off the automatic screen locking feature as it can be irritating if you are watching a movie and the computer locks. Having the Administrator Tools turned on is handy, especially if you are the kind who likes to play around the system level settings a lot.


Anyway, customization are endless and now that you have Windows 8 up and running, maybe open a beer and have fun.


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