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Written by Ahsanul Karim

Facebook is certainly best social network. It has lots of interesting feature to make user engaged. I already shared Facebook shortcut keys to save your time. Facebook is regularly updating its look. Recently Facebook makes a minor change in Chat section. Although it is small change still it is a good change for readers.

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Facebook’s previous chat system is different than latest system. It just showed who are currently online in Facebook –

whether he is using Facebook from mobile or through website. It shows a small green dot next to the name in the chat interface to show he is active in Facebook.

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Now, the Facebok chat system changed.  In chat box, there will be either “Mobile” or “Web” next to their status icon.

If you are using chat from mobile then you see “Mobile” with green icon.

If you are using chat from web, you see “Web” with green icon.


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There is a rumor after Google’s decision to allow users of Google Hangouts automatically update their statuses with what devices they use, Facebook takes this step to change chat system.


So guys what do you think about this new Facebook chat system?  If you are fan of  Mark Zuckerberg And His Wife Priscilla Chan you can add them too in your Facebook Friend list.


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  • Hi Ahsan,

    Yes, I did notice the changes in the chat section, but it’s not something I use much (chats!)

    If I open up the chatting box, people just have SO many questions to ask that it’s tough to leave without replying to them. I honestly have stopped using the chat section any longer and prefer the simple message that we can use as and when required, which I think works out better. I guess I’m on Facebook for a very short time twice a day and need to take care of other things and work, so better to beware of chatting 🙂

    I think it’s a wise choice to have the web and mobile green buttons to let others know, though I wonder if it really makes a difference to the person who is chatting…they just chat!!

    Thanks for sharing. have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hello Harleena Singh,

      Yes.. you right…..whoever chat … they don’t bother from which source they are chatting either it is mobile or web. But there is a small difference between them. When one chat from mobile his chat shows at a slow speed than chatting from web. Otherwise, its all same.

      Thanks for your comment. Happy facebooking 🙂

    • Hello Shalu Sharma,

      Facebook is constantly changing its look & specially most of them are user friendly. So when it launches, it gets huge popularity among users.

      Anyway thanks for adding your thought

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