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Enjoy Different Color In Each New Mozilla Firefox Tab

"mozilla browser"
Written by Ahsanul Karim

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers in the world. There are other Browsers too – Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. But still lots of users surf net through Mozilla Firefox.


"mozilla browser"


Everyday we feel bored to see same tab in Mozilla. There is no difference. I already shared an interesting Background Browser Addon  by which each time when you open a new tab in Mozilla you’ll see new picture in each tab. Isn’t it amazing!


Today I’ll share another colorful addon by which you can get different color each time you open a new tab.

Go to Colorful Tabs For Firefox.

Install it.

Restart Firefox.

Now see the magic.

Every time you open a new tab, you’ll different color.

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ColorfulTabs For Firefox


Colorful Tab Features and Options:

  • Different colorful tab make you cheerful.
  • Unique Hues differentiate between various tabs.
  • You can color each tab depending on its domain to identify the website. You can also adjust the color for each site.
  • You can generate color on demand of any tab.

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Easy Options feature of Colorful Tab:

  • Quickly reach the ColorfulTab-preferences from the tab-context-menu. Additionally you can chose to remove the option from the tabs’ context menu.

Scheme 1 — Color each tab from pre-selected colors in an order starting from the left.

Scheme 2 — Color each tab from randomly generated color.

Scheme 3 — Color each tab depending on the site domain.

Scheme 4 — Tabs have the default style and you can color them instantly.

  • Custom Shades — Allows user to choose different colors.


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