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Economic SEO Strategies

Written by Ahsanul Karim

For companies these days – whether big or small – having a SEO strategy is not only important, it is necessary. Getting your page up on the rank scale is one of the best ways to spread the word about your company, but how is this to be made possible? One way is to hire a full scale SEO firm. But a lot of companies shrink away from employing one because a professional SEO organization is an expensive affair. They don’t have the resources for the start-up fee, let alone the finances to maintain the SEO when it is up and running. But having an SEO strategy doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to bend over backwards to accommodate an SEO firm.

There are strategies both economical and easy which you can follow. Here are some:



  • It is all about keywords:

This cannot be over emphasized, because it is such an important part of SEO. Write your content so it is designed around keywords which users may look up online on search sites. First identify which terms the users may be most likely to use – create a list of it, and then inculcate them into your content. Remember you don’t want to overdo it, because most search engines are designed to reject and penalize overuse of keywords.

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Every good company’s website has a title by line, which describes the contents of the website effectively. If you are selling furniture, you might want to put in a few catchy words such information. As a byline it comes in the bar above your browser, and identifies your site. Search engines use this to index the sites, so make sure it has as many keywords as you can logically fix. It has to be descriptive of the site.



  • Create a sitemap:

When you create a sitemap, you make it easy for search sites to send their spiders through your site and help in easier indexing. It tells them which pages have what sort of content, when they are updated, and which are the most important links on your site. You should submit the sitemap to the search engines, but do so only once a month, not each time you update it. There are several sites online to help your create free site maps such as

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  • Reduce Graphics and Flash:

Flash screens don’t show up on searches. The best way to get your site searched, indexed, and ranked is to ensure you are using plain text html. Flash elements may be beautiful and might make your site colorful and pleasing to look at, but if no one is able to find your site, it kind of misses the point. Use flash and graphics only for those pages which are not so important. And while we are talking of graphics we might as well add, that you should tag all your photographs with relevant keywords as well. Images show up on image searches and normal web searches as well, and are a great way to direct traffic. This is a lesser known but very useful fact of SEO.

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