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EaseUS Data – Best Data Recovery Software Review

Written by Ahsanul Karim

The variety of data recovery software available in the market is truly mind boggling and you never know which one is going to be suitable for your particular requirements. Taking this into consideration, we have mentioned the EaseUS data recovery software as one of your best bet if you are looking forward to recovering a mistakenly deleted file from any of your storage devices. But you don’t have to take anything for granted, let us review the product briefly in order to let you make an informed decision.

Features of Data Recovery Software:

A few of the prominent features that EaseUS file recovery software has to offer are as follows:

  1. A free version of the software is available that enables you to recover as much as 2 GB of files.
  2. Compatible with all of the prominent platforms such as MAC, Windows, Server etc.
  3. Ensures 100% recovery of your lost files and that too in an efficient fashion.
  4. With two different options for scanning including Quick and Deep, there is hardly going to be any file that can’t be retrieved.
  5. A multitude of file formats can be recovered including audio, pictures, videos, documents, contacts, emails etc.
  6. Before beginning the process of restoration, you can use the file review option to evaluate the condition of your desired file and the probability of it being fully functional after restoration.
  7. Not only does it enable you to import or export all of your scan results, but the data recovery software is also compatible with resume option that saves a lot of your time by enabling you to continue the process of restoration from where it was previously stopped.

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The file review option that lets you analyze the state of your file before restoration saves a lot of your time. Once your desired files have been completely restored, they are automatically sorted out as well.


EaseUS file recovery software may not be the ultimate solution to recovering almost any format of a file specifically if it has to be restored from a reformatted hard drive.

Easeus Data recovery Software

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How Does It Work?

  1. Download the edition of EaseUS data recovery software that you prefer, go through the installation process and then run the software on your computer system.
  2. Once launched, make a selection regarding the type of data that you wish to restore as well as the location, such as the hard drive or any other external storage, that you would like the data to be recovered from.
  3. If you wish to recover all of the files from the storage, it is recommended to make a deep scan. Otherwise, a regular scan will list your deleted files and you can choose the files from the list that you wish to recover.
  4. If you are looking forward to removing the 2 GB restraint on the amount of data that can be restored and get the most out of the file recovery software, it is recommended to opt for the premium version of the software.

It is evident from the information mentioned above that in case of a file loss due to an error or a bug in your storage device, or even if you have mistakenly deleted one of your important files, you can conveniently make use of EaseUS data recovery software and it’ll recover the file for you within minutes. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed in making the decision of choosing the aforementioned software. So what are you waiting for?

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