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DVDFab Blu-ray Copy – What You Are Looking For Are All Here

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Blu-ray Copy software or Blu-ray backup software, or Blu-ray burner, or Blu-ray cloner, is a piece of Blu-ray to Blu-ray software, which captures and copies data from the original media to PC, to hard disk, or to a new file with the same file format and same quality, for legal use. Everyone, who has Blu-ray discs or Blu-ray digital files, needs a Blu-ray copy software. Blu-ray copy software backs up your valuable Blu-ray discs so as to prevent the original legitimate Blu-ray discs well and stop them from being scratched or damaged physically, while gives you the right to control the original Blu-ray, and view them time and time again without the worry of quality loss.

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy it’s no exaggeration to say stands out in this area. It’s not unfamiliar to movie fans, especially to those who have the need to backup Blu-ray. Over these years of its marketing in the multimedia, it gains a good public praise with its mature technology, flash speed, loss-less output quality, and strong decryption.

Speak of Blu-ray copy software, users to the great extent hope to find a program which acts as both a Blu-ray decrypter and Blu-ray copy software, to firstly save their money, and in another hand save their time. DVDFab considers this for all users, thus, it’s not only a Blu-ray backup software, but also a well qualified Blu-ray decrypter. It can remove all kinds of protections on all Blu-rays, including Blu-ray discs, Blu-ray ISO and Blu-ray folder. The source loading process is just the decryption process, both of them are processing at the same time which only requests few seconds. In addition, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy can also unlock the region code restrictions on Blu-ray discs, and make it accessible for viewing with any players produced in any country.

DVDFab’s mature technologies make it flexible and effective in copying Blu-ray. It provides five copy modes: Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Clone/Burn and Merge, helping users to copy the whole Blu-ray without any original content in the original Blu-ray disc loss, the movie body only (the main part, usually the longest title), any parts you want to view separately, clone it losslessly with 1:1 ratio, combine several titles from several sources into one Blu-ray, respectively. Besides, it also gives users the right to determine which audio tracks and subtitles they want to keep in the output DVD after recognizing all the embedded items.

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Whatever copy mode you choose, you will guarantee a flash speed in copying Blu-ray. Usually, a Blu-ray will be finished backing up within 20 minutes. But actually, the final copying time varies. There will be a slight difference in the processing time due to different source size, PC specs and performance of write media.

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Check the resulting DVD, even if the copy mode in the test we chose is not the completely lossless one: Clone, we still get a lossless result. That can be seen from the processing, DVDFab’s affectivity and technologies lie in not only the flash speed, smooth copying process, but also taking care of the output quality.

In one word, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy tested to be the once for all solution in Blu-ray copying, backup, burning and cloning. It’s the universal program which accommodate all folks, either the experienced Blu-ray copy users with high-end needs, or the inexperience users with the simple purpose to only backing up the legitimate Blu-rays to protect them. Choose it, you will get your investment worth.

Author Bio: Ailsa Pimenova is a professional software reviewer, keen to share the great video tools, also pay close attention to the newest developments in video software.

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