Do You Know Which Gender You More Retweet In Twitter

Written by Ahsanul Karim

We regularly retweet lots of tweets. But have you ever think whose tweet you do retweet most – Girls or boys. I guess you never think deeply about it.


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You can measure your retweet easily by TWEE – Q.  Twee-Q (Twitter Equality Quotient) is a simple program which show the score derived from whom you retweet most – men or women. It will check latest 100 tweets of a Twitter user and check the names and gender of those retweeted. You can check with any Twitter account. You don’t need to check only with your twitter account. If you want to save your all tweets, you can check How To Backup All Your Tweets Easily.


Twee-Q is brought by Swedish organization Crossing Boarders, with support from Comviq. This organization has the motto to change the world by showing how each of us rank women’s and men’s contribution in a conversation. So it starts experiment on the world’s largest ongoing conversation – Twitter.


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It is very easy to use TWEE – Q. Just insert the Twitter name which you want to analyze (it can be either your or another person).

After sometime Twee-Q show you what proportion of that account’s recent retweets (made during the last 100 tweets) were of comments or opinions issued by men or women.

10 is the perfect Twee – Q.


Here I checked retweet of Tech reporter BBC Click Kate Russell & the result showing below:


kate russell twitter account


It seems Kate Russell retweet more males then females. She retweeted 64% men and 36% women. So her Twee-Q score 5.6. Isn’t it so bad? The average score of Twee-Q is 4.8.


Here are some interesting statistics on Twee-Q:

  • Number of tests: 54519
  • Average Twee-Q score: 4.8
  • Total distribution of retweets:

Female: 1087470

Male: 1975748


There is also another interesting tool – How Often You Tweet by which you can measure how many you tweet everyday. 

You can follow some popular members of Twitter:

So guys check your retweet with Twee-Q & don’t forget to mention your statistics in comment section


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