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Dell XPS 12 Windows 8 Tablet – First Look

Written by Ahsanul Karim

The launch of Windows 8 has unleashed a spate of phones and tablets boasting the impressive operating system. In that long list of devices is Dell’s XPS 12 Windows 8 tablet. But this is no ordinary device. It is a laptop that does an almost magic trick, spinning about the axis to become a full- fledged tablet. It’s great for people who don’t want the hassle of carrying two devices and don’t want to compromise on a two-in-one gadget. So the XPS 12 is a fully loaded laptop that becomes a fully loaded tablet.


"Dell XPS 12"


Think of this Windows 8 tablet as the Dell ultrabook, but with a rotating screen. This 12.5” IPS touchscreen does a backflip that would make an Olympian proud. The device has stability with both the bottom and lid built of carbon fiber and the rest with aluminum. The rest of the laptop is soft-touch and is comfortable to use.


The Dell XPS 12 runs on the Intel Core i5 which is in keeping with the rest of the ultrabook pack. It isn’t great on performance but you can run Photoshop and play some low-res games just fine. It has 4 GB memory and a storage capacity of 128GB SSD. The issue is the weight. At 3.5 pounds, it is no fun carrying this device around! But that shouldn’t take away the fact that when it is a tablet, all its software based on touch and gesture are very responsive.

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The laptop converts into a tablet through a hinge design. It’s a unique idea but there’s something gimmicky about the whole thing. For starters, there’s a bit of unease each time you have to open or shut down the laptop or access tools on the screen. In fact the lid is made of carbon fiber all its sturdiness attracts a lot of dust which doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence!

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Dell’s XPS also suffers from a universal problem that convertibles suffer from- the size of the font. The large touchscreen of a tablet makes the small font look decidedly odd. The issue of weight comes in when you consider the flimsiness of the home button. Because it is so unsubstantial, it is easy to inadvertently press the home button. Dell will also need to go back to the board on the not too impressive touch pad.

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Before you think all we can do is complain, here’s the good news. To start off with the almost smudge free Gorilla Glass 1080 pixels screen is gorgeous and responds with eagerness to the touch. The display is vibrant and a pleasure to behold. We also like the battery life which, at close to three hours is pretty cool.  The white LED lights on the device tell you how much charge you have even when the device is not powered on. It powers on in about 11 seconds which is nothing short of impressive.


It seems like the era of just a laptop or just a tablet could be fast disappearing. And despite the issues, there’s a lot going for the Dell XPS 12 Windows 8 tablet.


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