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Written by Ahsanul Karim

At present, all browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla) have lots of secured option to browse a site. But still we leave traces of activities and cookies through browsers. Click and Clean helps clearing all previous activities and clear the downloads history. Just click Once and it removes the traces of each and every activity and delete the hidden cookies.

 According to ClicknClean,

It deletes your browsing history, typed URLs, Flash cookies, all traces of your online activity to protect your privacy.

 "clicknclean chrome extension"

 ClicknClean do the following works:

  •  Scan your PC for Malware
  • Delete your browsing history,
  • Remove download history,
  • Erase temporary files,
  • Clear cookies and Empty cache,
  • Delete client-side Web SQL Databases
  • Remove Flash Cookies
  • Protect your privacy by cleaning up all traces of your internet activity,
  • Clean up your hard drives and Free up more disk space, including secure file deletion using external applications,  like CCleaner or Wise Disk Cleaner.
  • Watch flash videos offline, without being connected to the Internet!


N.B. Remember that this version of Click&Clean works for Windows only.


Download Link: ClicknClean Chrome Extension


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