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Create Facebook Timeline Picture With Facebook Cover Maker

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Today, almost everyone out there has a Facebook profile. People often add funny photos, videos, and special status updates that identify what they are all about. However, the most important part of your Facebook profile is the Timeline image also commonly referred to as the Facebook cover photo. What ‘Make a Cover for Facebook’ aims to do is to help you design and upload a striking Facebook cover photo in a few easy steps.


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Now, because there are quite a few tools out there that do this we wanted to know what exactly does this particular Facebook cover maker does that others do not. So we put ‘Make a Cover for Facebook’ through its paces and compared it to other similar tools. There are three things we looked at i.e. ease of use, customization and quality of the final outcome.


facebook cover picture


Easy of Use:

When we fired up the Facebook cover maker the first thing we noticed was the fact that the interface was very easy to understand. You get to choose from a number of general  cartoon style graphics. i.e. male, female, superhero, paperdoll etc. Simply click on the image to choose. The next screen allows you to further customize your image. You can add hats, mustaches, change clothing style etc. This is a lot like how you would customize your Avatar on the Xbox 360. All this customization is easy to do and only requires that you chose what you want with a single click of your mouse button. You can also check how to use Facebook Schedule posts correctly.


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We were impressed with the sheer depth of customization. Almost every aspect of the character and the scene that you select can be customized. You can change colors, add and remove certain elements like an airplane. However, while there are many customization options it does feel a bit limited in some instances. There is no way for a user to add an image of his own and somehow merge it with the avatar like the character he chooses. The interface does feel confusing at times. For instance, there is no clear back button if you want to revert things to what they looked like. Also the library of items for some characters like the ‘Female’ character is limited. Hopefully, more customization options will be added a bit later on. If you want to start online store in Facebook, you can check How To Start Your Online Store In Facebook.


facebook cover picture


Quality of the final outcome:

Once you have customized everything to your heart’s desire the program allows you to directly upload the image to your Facebook profile. If you’re already signed in to Facebook simply click on the button that reads ‘Make image your cover photo’. If you’re not signed in you can always download the image to your computer by clicking ‘Download cover image’. You can then upload the image as your Facebook cover photo yourself. FXDNJV5CCD54 The quality of the final image and how it looked on our profile was impressive. The vivid colors and our individuality really stood out.



‘Make a Cover for Facebook’ is an excellent and easy to use tool for designing and uploading a professional looking cover photo. This is one of the easiest and most fun tools that we have used in a while. So we recommended Facebook cover maker if you want your Facebook profile to stand out.


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