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Corona Tracer BD App Launched to fight Against Covid-19

Written by Ahsanul Karim

In order to decrease the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, Bangladesh Government (ICT Division), launched smartphone app – “Corona Tracer BD” for Bangladeshi citizens. It is still in beta version.


Corona Tracer BD covid 19 app


The app works by activating Bluetooth and it notify ‘At-Risk’ users by detecting the COVID-19 positive user. The data collected is kept secure in-transit via encryption. When the two users come within a certain distance of each other, the users’ phones will exchange “Digital Handshakes”.

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Founding Managing Director of Shohoz, Maliha Quadir said that if any user comes near to the COVID-19 positive user, the user is automatically notified the potential risk and what they should do if exposed. The “Corona Tracer BD” app is one such initiative which will play a key role in securing the lives and livelihoods of the people of this country.

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Features of Corona Tracer BD:

  • Information on various topics such as symptome, what to do in case of suspected infection etc.
  • Locating nearby health and testing units.
  • In case of a suspected infection found near you, the citizen can check if the symptoms are compatible with COVID-19, and if so, they will be instructed and sent to the nearest basic health unit.
  • Update official news of ​​the government for viewing the latest statistics on the pandemic.


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