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Convert Windows 8 Start Menu To Windows 7 Classic Menu

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Most of people are started using Windows 8 Developers Preview Version. But as this latest OS is not officially launched, we find lots of problem & bugs. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable to use seeing Windows 8 big screen start menu. Definitely Windows 8 Start Menu is a revolution by Microsoft. No one ever thinks start menu will be like that. Its like all in 1 in a single page. But still for new users it is confusing.


"windows 8 start menu"


If you are Windows 7 user, it will be difficult to understand at first about Windows 8 Start Menu.

Here is a tips by which you can convert Windows 8 Start Menu To Windows 7 Classic Menu.

Click Win Key+R to open RUN.

Now write regedit & click ENTER.

It will want permission to open Registry Editor.

Allow it.

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"windows 7 registry editor"


Follow this steps: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer

Now look at the right side.

Click  RPEnabled twice.

Change the value 1 – 0.

Click OK.

Restart PC.

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"windows 7 start menu"


After restart you’ll not see Windows 8 Start Menu.

You’ll watch Windows 7 Start Menu 🙂

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Remember: If you want to shift again to Windows 8 Start Menu, just change 0 – 1.

Mission Accomplished.


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