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Written by Ahsanul Karim

Internet speed is an important factor for browsing today’s site. Now a days every site has lots of graphics, animations, pictures & videos. So we must have a good speedy net connection.

I already shared – Check Your Bandwidth Speed by which anyone can check easily net speed. But some of my trustworthy blogging friends told me there is another site which is the best. Today I am sharing the site – Speed Test by which you can check your net speed in a sec.

Speed Test remarks itself as The Global Broadband speed Test.


It has exclusive features:

  • Locate your ISP
  • Show your IP number.
  • Show total test lists
  • Show browsing speed
  • Show Download speed
  • Show upload speed

"speed test"

Click Begin Test.

In a few seconds, you’ll get all results.

If you make an account, you can examine your past results and see how they compare.


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