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Written by Ahsanul Karim

Now a days Internet speed is an important factor for browsing a site. Every site builds with lots of animations, pictures & videos. So we must have a good speedy net connection.

Today I’ll share a site – Internet Speed Test by which you can check your net speed. When you take internet connection from an ISP, there are lots of packages on different net speed basis.

For example,

1st package – 128kbps

2nd package – 256 kbps

3rd package – 512 kbps

4th package – 1 mbps

5th package – 2 mbps


But you are not sure about the speed they are giving you. Another thing is download speed. Sometimes they say you’ll get 32KB/sec download speed but you are getting only 16 KB/sec download speed.

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According to Internetspeedtest,

Internet speed test India site is a broadband speed analysis tool, which grants everyone to test his or her Internet connection. The website provides this service, available for all curious ones who want to check the performance of their Internet connection, amongst hundreds and thousands of individuals from all across the world.

It is the best platform for you to be either you are conducting this test just for fun or you really necessitate validating the true speed of your Internet connection. All over the world, you can easily view your historical consequences, share them and even compare them with others.

Basically, our technology has been meant for testing thousands of tests in each day, making it worldwide recognition and standard for other sites in bandwidth testing.


Click Test Your Speed.

Wait for sometime to get all details.

"internet speed test"

You should remember that your internet speed varies from time to time.

So what’s your net speed. Share with us.


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