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Written by Ahsanul Karim

Its common that everyone has Gmail account. Gmail account is important to get all features. If you are blogger or important person, you’ll get tons of mails everyday. So you have to open gmail in a new tab whole day. But sometimes its difficult to open Gmail tab for a long time without any reason. No more worry. Here is a solution.


"google plus"


You just need to install Chrome ExtensionMail Checker Plus for Google Mail. It has all the facility. It displays number of unread messages in your (Gmail and Google Apps mail box). It also preview new mail, read, delete, archive and spam mail everything!


Features of Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail:

  • It opens as mail preview window. You can read mail without opening new tab or leaving the current tab
  • You can delete, save in archive, mark as spam, add star marks etc.
  • It has sound notification when new mail arrives
  • It supports both Google and Google Apps accounts
  • It monitors all your labels & priority inbox
  • It translates your mail to over 60 languages.
  • You can add more than 10 different icon sets according to your favorite.


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How does it work?

  • You just need to sign in Gmail account. Then it will show status automatically in toolbar.


If mail Checker Plus doesn’t work, follow the process:

  • Sign out and back in to your account(s) and restart your browser


Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail


 How To Install Mail Checker Plus & Customize:

  • Then you’ll see a logo in the Toolbar.
  • By clicking Toolbar Logo, you’ll see all the messages.
  • When new mail arrives, you’ll hear a sound.
  • When you go to upper parts of Mail Checker Plus, there is a option to change the Settings.


  • In General settings, you can select this feature:

Archive marks as read

Previewing marks as read

Open compose in tab

Ignore mailto-links

Hide unread mail count

Disable Ad support


  • There is other options to modify the settings:






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  • Ahsanul, Chrome is awesome Browser than others. I have been using Chrome Browser for long time. Chrome Browser provide lot of services & option to use specially like extension & Any one can download extension very easily but well now it’s time to use this Gmail Account With Chrome Extension.

  • Hi Ahsanul,

    Wow…I had no idea all this could be done. I’m sure glad I met you through Harleena’s blog!

    I have so much trouble with my emails because there are so many. I do use Gmail and I am so amazed at how organized I can now be. I book marked this page so when I get a chance, I can put everything in order.

    Thanks so much for this valuable information to make my life a little easier!


    • Hello Donna Merrill,

      Harleena’s blog is one of my favorite blogs. Nice to see from her blog.

      If you check Chrome Extension you’ll get tons of extensions. But most of them are unknown to us. So I am trying to reveal all the important Google Extension one by one. As you said, a blogger gets huge mail everyday but its tough to check every time. So this extension works well.

      You can check other chrome Extensions here:
      Chrome Extension

      Happy Weekend 🙂

  • Hi Ahsan,

    Sorry for the little delay this time dear friend…just caught up with things at home this time, though I’m glad I’m here now. Wonderful to see Donna and you connect here too 🙂

    I never really knew we could check out Gmail even this way! I’ve always checked my mail the normal way by opening the normal account, and that’s always open. I think if you have fewer tabs open it helps. I shall surely try this out.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice weekend 🙂

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