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Call Tracking: What Is It and Is It beneficial?

Written by Ahsanul Karim

If you’re planning on expanding your brand to a larger audience, you’re likely going to want to find ways of optimizing your campaigns and various work processes. This is a perfectly normal move, especially considering today’s volatile and flexible market. However, if this is your goal and you hear “call tracking,” you might start to wonder just exactly what software that “tracks calls” can offer to improve your brand appeal – and in fact, call tracking has got a lot of benefits to give your company provided you use it to its full potential.

Interestingly, it seems a lot of businesses tend to use call tracking because of how calls are still perhaps one of the most important part of the sales pipeline, with 92-percent of all customer interactions still happen via calls. In fact, 80-percent of successful sales actually need as much as five (5) follow-ups in order to be successful, with an average prospect needing at least eight (8) follow-up calls to reach them. In fact, this means a sales representative makes an average of 52 calls every working day – a lot of calls that are extremely crucial for the company’s success. Call tracking can at least give you the kind of insights you need regarding how calls can affect your overall sales process. If you’re in need of a refresher, here are some more facts:

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Call Tracking: What Is It?

Perhaps one of the most efficient ways of understanding how call tracking can be beneficial is to understand how it works. To do that, one must understand what call tracking exactly is. If your first impression of call tracking is that it allows you to “track calls,” then you’re not entirely wrong. What perhaps makes call tracking interesting is what happens as it tracks them:


  • When you avail tracking software such as Fone Dynamics, you’ll be given a slate of unique phone numbers to use for your campaign channels. This avoids the conflict of having only a single number to use across the board, or having few numbers scattered across multiple campaign channels.


  • With this in mind, whenever a prospect calls any of your campaign channel numbers, the software immediately logs the number used, therefore logging which channel it had come from. This means you immediately have a way of identifying which channels are actually attracting customers.


  • Taking this a step further, call tracking can also track other aspects of calls including location, length of call, keywords used, and even record the conversation itself.


Reading the above might give you a bit of idea on the kind of benefits call tracking can give you courtesy of its various features alone. In fact, it’s when these features are combined does call tracking truly shine as a software.


Benefits Of Call Tracking: It’s All In The Usage

Perhaps the best way of looking into call tracking as a beneficial tool is to observe how its features can be used to the advantage of your campaigns and your company operations as a whole. In fact, despite its ability to just “track calls,” call tracking can be quite the formidable tool in your arsenal.


  • Look into your campaign channels with more finesse: Instead of just using other software to track various analytics of campaigns without a unified form, call tracking can actually take you directly where it’s worth the look – just which of your campaign channels are actually generating calls? When someone calls a number in any of your channels, call tracking can immediately log where it had come from, which keywords were associated with the number, and which channel was used. This immediately gives you a means to identify just which channels work and which “don’t” in terms of acquiring prospects.


  • Integrate seamlessly with other applications: Call tracking software isn’t just another one of those analytics apps that you have to install individually and run separately in order to get analytics shown. In fact, you can integrate your call tracking software into other analytics apps such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics in order to get a clearer view of what’s happening all throughout your company’s various processes.


  • Put a better number on sales through call recording: Perhaps another extremely important benefit call tracking software could provide is the ability to record calls, as you can finally start unveiling the curtain that covers an important aspect of sales – calls. Remember that 92-percent of customer interactions happen through calls, but call tracking is perhaps the most efficient tool available that could help you make better assessments on what’s going on during these conversations. You can finally start looking at your operations across all angles.


  • Look into staff performance with accuracy: Your staff’s performance, especially those of your sales representatives’, is an extremely important factor when it comes to acquiring customers. After all, it’s through their sales strategies that can help entice customers into buying or availing your products and services. As such having a software that can record calls can actually help you gain better insights towards the efficiency of their sales strategies, and if not, what sort of things you could do to modify and improve their overall approach.


  • Get better insights on customer satisfaction: Another important benefit call tracking can bring is the ability for you to gain better insights on customer satisfaction. Given the software’s ability to record calls, you’ll actually be able to determine aspects of customer performance you may or may not be meeting. This also means you’re in the position to be able to evaluate customer satisfaction and adjust company operations with how you think customers should be approached in order to improve this aspect.


  • Make real-time decisions about your operations: Perhaps another important aspect of call tracking is its ability to give you analytics and data in real time, affording you the opportunity of making the call on various aspects of operations without having to wait for reports. This means you can bring your work with you anytime, anywhere without compromising any of the data you may view. This is efficient and effective if you want a means to look into your company’s performance in real time.


The Takeaway: The Benefits of Tracking Your Calls For Sales

If there’s anything the above could share, it’s that call tracking has indeed set itself apart from its peers when it comes to software geared towards boosting work operations. If the above are any indication, call tracking indeed goes above and beyond its “tracking” feature, as this function alone paves way to a lot of various benefits that your business could benefit from when used correctly. Hopefully, the above has given you the kind of insight you need with regards to the kind of advantages you could expect when tapping into call tracking. Feel free to keep this handy guide with you whenever you feel the need for a quick crash course to call tracking and its benefits.


John Taylor

John TaylorJohn is a long-time professional with over two decades of experience in analytics and communications technology. He works as the Senior Data Analyst at Fone Dynamics, a leader in call tracking, voice, and SMS communication. When John steps out of the office, he loves to spend time with his family and bike riding.



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